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Bowling on New Year’s

RAllyOn Girl here, battling RA.  I went bowling with the kids on New Year’s Eve.  They were excited, I wasView full post »

Website Up, Check!

RAllyOn Girl here, battling RA.  I created an outlet for me and hopefully MANY others!  It took me a little time andView full post »

Wearing Pretty Shoes

RallyOn Girl here, battling RA.  I wore high heels to my husbands Holiday Party! Hey, it counts as a win.  I hadn&#View full post »

Zip Lining with the Kids Too!

I’m the RAllyOn Girl, battling RA.  After the first time zip-lining, we decided we needed to take theView full post »

My First Rally!!

It wasn’t until RA started wreaking havoc on my body that I began to appreciate what a person with chronic painView full post »